International Tours

Privacy & Luxury are the two prime attractions of the International tour. Rich culture, Adventure sports & Manmade attractions are the added advantages of International destinations. We strive to make your International holiday a worthwhile and memorable one.

    Experience the different World.

    MAURITIUS is a paradise that is not duplicated anywhere else in the world. You will get lost in your own world after experiencing endless beaches with white sand and warm waters. The fascinating landscapes, Fine cuisine and a vibrant night-life are the credentials for visiting this paradise. This island is full of adventurous activities with fantastic cultural experiences and festivals too.

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    Discover your Dreams with Luxurious adventures.

    MALDIVES is the perfect tropical island escape. The turquoise water, the pure white sand beaches, highly delicate marine life, Water Sports, the luxurious resorts, spectacular swimming pools and world class spas that set the perfect holiday for you.

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    Picturesque Golden Beaches with Charming Hill country.

    SRI LANKA is a little island filled with small miracles. White sandy beaches, Lush greenery, Exciting adventures, Amazing wildlife and Rich heritage are the magical attractions of this tropical paradise for what this holiday destination is on high priority from travellers across the world.

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    The Glamorous Oasis in the Gulf.

    DUBAI is a city in the United Arab Emirates which dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. Dubai makes a great short break for shopping, fine dining, partying, Desert Safari, Cruise rides, Nightlife scene. Get amazed with the ultramodern architectures and engineering.

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